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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

* purchase of The Skypark is not required to join or participate in this community portal.

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  2. I just looked at Project Fly and sounds interesting. What I think this is (SkyPark) compared to Project Fly is, Sky Park is more like FSEconomy, if you haven't checked that out the web site is fseconomy.net. But in a nut shell, FSEconomy is flying mostly General Aviation aircraft, and taking random cargo from airport to airport. Where Sky Park puts that to shame is that the database for FSEcomony was created from FS9, with all it's mistakes and everything. So, you could find yourself trying to take some random cargo to a dirt field that may not even really be around in FSX or other simulators. Sky Park takes the airports from your sim's data base and allows you to filter to only airports you want. Orbx has said that there will be future things added to Sky Park as time goes on, like airliners, passengers etc. What I see if Project Fly is more of flight tracking and recording of what you did with out simulating of any kind of cargo or economic system. Also you might look into FSAirlines(.net) as another economic simulation system as well. So it kind of is similar but very different over all.
  3. What is the difference between this an project fly
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  5. I don't even know where to start. I have seen the video, read the information, and comments, at this point I would just love to use it. I have used different systems for flight tracking, and the such and am dying to see this. I am not asking for a release date, just don't have much questions for comments. I'm thinking I will be able to use such a program to fly my Cessna 404 Titan around North America (where I have the most Orbx scenery) and possibly head down to New Zealand and Australia (also both covered my Orbx). It will allow me to fly to only airports that are of good quality and not to airports that don't exist. So, as far as I understand it sounds like a better system then those so called flight tracking systems like smart cars, and a way better system then FSeconomy, not to put any of those down. So, as I wait for the release I just have to hope it lives up to the basic system that you have described.
  6. Was just wondering. Thanks for getting back to me on that. I will still be interested in using your software and seeing where it leads me.
  7. We'll make everything we can to support the new sim. Right now we don't know much so we can't commit!
  8. There are visual examples in the Blog section but that’s all we’re ready to share right now. We will rely heavily on user submissions to create content for the platform. I hope this answers your question!
  9. Hello everyone. Nice to meet everyone here and looking forward to seeing this develop into something. From what Ed told me its sounds really exciting. Cant wait to lay some ideas down in the Adventure List section, although I do have a question. Are there any visuals anywhere so far of what is going to be in the Sky Park?
  10. Hi, I wanted to be the first to comment on this news. Nothing in the gaming world ever surprises me when it is delayed. Just look at REX, the announced Sim Air like 5 or 6 years ago, and according to a news brief have the base program done, but the front end isn't. With no news of when or if they will ever finish it. With other companies rushing stuff out and having problems that will last for years, I would rather a company keep it's user base updated, but please don't make this last for years. I do have only one question and maybe it's too early to know for sure, but will there be support for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator coming out next year? Hope you guys are having a great day.
  11. When a delay has to be announced, no one feels the let down as much as the team behind the scenes. Sigh...lets start with a little music to set the mood? (Flame Suit ON) From a business standpoint it feels like we're breaking a promise, a date was set and now we're not going to meet it, so let's just throw Summer 2019 (California) out the window for now. But please stick around to find out WHY, as I feel like the WHY's will provide you with a glimpse behind closed doors at Parallel 42 and how we're building the product with eyes and ears open to the community for input. (Flame Suit OFF?) Glad you're still here...I too am excited about flying on The Skypark, as a content creator myself (@OMGEDSON) this tool was built to provide incredible immersion not only for myself but also for viewers of my LIVE streams. However when you really think about it, you're all content creators too. Whether you share your sim experience live or keep it in the monitor in front of you, your sim is rendering an experience, providing you with an adventure. Enough talk lets get down to the reasons for the delay so we can keep pushing forward... - Movin' Out: This past month brought on some crazy life changes for 2 of us here at //42, Keven aka @RunShotgun scooped up a sweet new spot just outside of Quebec City and relocated. As for myself, early in September I visited Kansas City, MO with the family and as I expected, they fell in love. I sit now in a completely empty CA loft writing this on my laptop as we prepare to drive a 26' truck across the country tomorrow. A wind down of your home and a move by truck is never fun, especially not for a family of 4, so we called a full stop for the month of September productivity-wise. //42 will set up HQ in KCMO and we couldn't be more excited to get back to building. - Listen To The Music: By all measures our product announcement at Flight Sim Expo went fantastic, the feedback was as steam would say "very positive" which is GREAT! Some of the more common feedback had already been internally discussed and proved we were on the right path, but there were a significant amount of killer ideas brought forth as well. Lets just say we threw v1 out the window and you'll essentially see v2 at release, a platform built to scale up to all the amazing ideas brought by the community. But why not "Overwhelmingly Positive"? That answer rode to the top swiftly, "I'll never pay for a subscription to anything, ever." So we put on our thinking caps... - New Kid In Town: Community feedback on Subscription model was loud and clear, as was the division of people that "get it" and those that don't or don't want to. Lets cut to the chase, there is a huge list of things that can be done with the server infrastructure powering it, and thus a huge list of things that can't be done without it. So we locked ourselves in a room full of whiteboards and came out with something we think you'll love. We're dividing the product into 2 slightly different offerings to get that "Overwhelmingly Positive" rating! (please note: details below are subject to change.) The Skypark - $30 One Time purchase The Skypark Online - $7/mo Subscription or Discounted Yearly Subscription The Skypark will be released in the next 2-3months via Orbx Direct and will offer a basic experience with zero reliance on server infrastructure. More details as to specific features will follow but some of the ones you can expect are Skypad, basic SkyBlogs and Adventures, however Skypad Anywhere which allows you to connect from any device in the world will not be included. When The Skypark Online is released, you WILL NOT be required to own The Skypark, in fact with purchase of The Skypark, you'll receive a 2 month credit towards The Skypark Online service when it goes live! Oh and yes that's not a typo on the updated price for The Skypark Online subscription, we lowered the monthly subscription cost. This was made possible thanks to the core rebuild from scratch. Passing on savings, yep! 😉 - Doin' It Right: The Skypark Online is commercial level cloud based software as a service (SaaS). That said, downtime on a subscription platform is not acceptable, infrastructure costs are real, Service Level Agreements (SLA) are real. The platform will function as any commercial piece of software should, built to scale, redundant and reliable. No old clunky code here, a top shelf team building the best, with the best. The subscription model for The Skypark Online not only ensures all costs of operation are covered, but that the full time staff behind the scenes are also fully engaged in creating fresh content and adventures. Your monthly subscription will also ensure future and active development of the product. Please be patient with us while we get everything in place for a successful Online launch. I hope I was able to answer all your questions, I've got to get packed up for Flight Sim Show 2019 and a cross country drive! As always, please feel free to post any questions in the comments below. Edson Soriano Managing Director //42
  12. Yes, you got that right. Our goal is to allow you to fly the aircraft you already paid for in real life. We think this lowers the bar for entry and gets more people flying what they really want to fly. It's essentially like flying for a company that owns every type. That being said, we are currently exploring more "Administrative" features (to be added in the future) for the people who love this kind of stuff. Edit: @OMGEDSON says it better than I do here:
  13. @ilyasitu @Anthony96 In due time my friends. Are you not interested in providing any ideas for this current phase? Now is the time! Please expect a release date update over the next few days.
  14. Hereby a little teaser to give X-plane some accelerated priority. this because I just realized that much of the mission posibilties I suggest would be excellent in X-plane’s VR and helicopter capability. I understand and also agree with the coperate decision to not include it in the initial release. However I hope that the release will be a great succes so that enough resources can be made availible for X-plane implementation
  15. When will the sky park release date?
  16. The Skypark Online turns your simulator into a dynamic world. I know that sounds so....buzzwordish, but there really is no way to express everything this means in less than a short novel of text on your screen! Essentially our tools allow us to create notable/trending real-world scenes on the fly, no custom scenery installs, no library of objects to keep track of, no sim restart. The images below show what you would see in-sim if you flew over the rear gate at Area 51 this Friday while connected to The Skypark Online. Should you decide to land there, perhaps other mysterious actions would occur too...so yea, let your minds run wild with this one, having this in-sim what kind of adventures could we make out of it? Have a list of things in mind that you wish you could experience in-sim? The answer is probably "Yes we can." Think role play server and submit them HERE on our Pilot Portal! Edson SorianoManaging Director //42
  17. We have loads of ideas that we can’t reveal at this time. But we want to let people in here dream about the possibilities beyond just buying an aircraft in a database...
  18. I the player of this game, assume the role of a pilot who works for a company. So, I don't "buy" any aircraft because the "company" provides them for me, yes? We aren't starting our own "aviation companies" correct?
  19. This is the problem with making "money" in flightsim games like this. It's well, pointless. It might as well be a "score" or "rating" or whatever you want to call it because that's essentially what it is. In the real world why would you take a job as a pilot? The bottom line to make money/living. This is very difficult and if not boring to do this in game.
  20. I hope you include a monthly living expense. It would be fun to set aside money each month for what I use in the real world and see if I can make a "living" in game.
  21. Pilot Portal HOME updated from FORUM to BLOGS BEFORE: AFTER:
  22. X-Plane is in the cards for the future. Currently we are focusing on building a base for our platform that could scale to anything that has an API. We have chosen P3D as a start for that because of the fast development process SimConnect provides but we will scale beyond that when the platform is stable and ready.
  23. How are people already using the skypad and skypark? Am I missing something here? Thanks!
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