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This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

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  3. Hello everyone, especially those at P42, Ever since I heard about this project, I've been watching it closely. I have been a totally blind simmer and streamer now going on four years, and I've always wanted something like this. The thing that interests me the most are virtual characters. Just how many virtual characters, and will they all be fully voiced? I also have to bring up accessibility. Just from a user interface perspective, ProjectFly, for example, is great. It's an app but it has a webpage inside of it where you manage everything. I envisioned the Skypark Anywhere experience to be the same thing with the SkyPad OS. Learning that this will not be available in the standalone Skypark was a blow, since the interfaces required to access high end aircraft are currently inaccessible, and the FMS design is what you're going for with the SkyPad aircraft panel. Lastly, since we really can't see the scenery in our sim and prefer spending our money on utility based addons like this one to enhance our sim, plus maybe some aircraft soundpacks and the like, will the Skypark work with mostly the default P3D scenery and maybe some freeware scenery? Assignment wise, what will the differences be between The Skypark and the Skypark online? Will assignments change in the Skypark? I'd probably get Skypark Online because chances are Skypark offline will just have the panel and thus an inaccessible interface. Thanks.
  4. Hello All, Just wanted to check in and say hello and to say that I am excited to give this a whirl for sure. Looking forward to release through ORBX. Regards SamC
  5. Hello All, Been watching this for some time now. Thank you for taking on such a huge task for us all. I currently live in a town called Harrietville,Victoria, Australia and would like to say hi to you all. Keen as mustard to get started and watching with eager eyes. Regards Sam Craig
  6. Will you be supporting MSFS 2020?
  7. You have wet my appetite and then some. Not only am I ready for this, I'm making plans!
  8. @Spizzo, If a couple of screens, and introduction footage don't get your imagination racing that's cool. Ideas aren't for everyone. We don't want to give a large panel access and then have to dissolve every idea into buckets of crap and great. We much prefer to build a product of this caliber by showing someone a box of bricks and having their imagination run wild to create. Your words don't scream inspiration, they scream desperation and that's exactly what development should NEVER settle for. So we ask you kindly to look at the pile of bricks before you and let your mind run wild, what have you always dreamed of doing in-sim. Don't be swayed by what the software might not be able to do right this moment for our team of testers (yes a whole team). Instead run without that limitation and express in words your wildest dreams, we'll create from there. //edson
  9. Wow really? I would imagine that to make sure this program is working perfectly, they are needing to do the test with the programmer right there to see what it's doing. Besides, if you ever seen the other software, you will notice that when it's released it's in need of very little fixing. Unlike other developers that never fix there stuff or do it with updates ever so often. They will have a product ready for market very soon and we will be able to jump in and use it. Thank you gentlemen for that video. That really went way above and beyond what most other developers do. They do teaser trailers that don't always show us what the actual program will be like. This was helpful in that we got to see the people behind the name. I do have my bank card ready for when it shows up...
  10. Why not rather giving beta access to have a large panel of feedback ? « Help us... » it’s your words. But how can we help with just a couple of screens and an introduction footage ? Best regards
  11. Hello gentlemen, Thank you for this information and interview. This sounds so much more exiting then other news we have gotten. This product is on my priority list when it is released. And when newer products and sims are released I will look forward to seeing even more developments here. Keep up the work and I will keep my attention on your products.
  12. Looking good. As always we are happy with updates. Thank you and have a nice day.
  13. Because only the most interested will see this...
  14. Thank you sir for responding, I know I speak for several in that just a bit of news is better then none. So, thank you for that and have a nice day.
  15. Very sorry for the lack of information being shared here. There is a lot of progress happening in the background with regards to The Skypark. Parallel 42 will be publishing a very important Press Release in the coming week (or 2) and news on the Skypark will follow shortly after. Thanks everyone for your patience. Although we are head deep into production, we still read everything that's going on in the Portal and seeing the interest towards the project means a lot to us! Best Regards, Keven - Creative Director //42
  16. Wow, this delay is really dragging on. I know this isn't anything like what REX did for to us... that went on for years and they never released it. Infact, during an interview on SkyBlueRadio, I had ask if it was dead and the person said not really. Well, RIP to REX. With the new sim we wont need scenery or enhancements like what REX puts out. Now onto Skypark, I would love to give this the big test and review for my friends. Everyone is waiting to find out if this program will replace failing websites like fseconomy and bring us into the modern world of Flight Simming… I do plan to buy the new sim when MS puts it out (subscribe that is). I would love to add this to that list as well... I'm sure you guys are busy but us fans and future fans (a.k.a. customers) need to have some idea please.
  17. I hope we hear from the devs soon...I mean it's already the new year`
  18. I am absolutely sure that SKYPARK will give FSX-SE a new, much more exciting experience. I'm counting the days so I can use it !!! I would like to know what will be the "difference" between the one-time paid version and the monthly / annual subscription ?
  19. I have been on the Orbx Forums, and the team behind SkyPark have been busy, moving into new offices, getting servers and other stuff setup. Sense they haven't been able to inform us here I looked into it and brought the news here. Hopefully they will get things going for us soon and kick it off so we have a new program to play with and make our lives more fun.
  20. Hello folks, is there any update regarding release date ?
  21. I just looked at Project Fly and sounds interesting. What I think this is (SkyPark) compared to Project Fly is, Sky Park is more like FSEconomy, if you haven't checked that out the web site is fseconomy.net. But in a nut shell, FSEconomy is flying mostly General Aviation aircraft, and taking random cargo from airport to airport. Where Sky Park puts that to shame is that the database for FSEcomony was created from FS9, with all it's mistakes and everything. So, you could find yourself trying to take some random cargo to a dirt field that may not even really be around in FSX or other simulators. Sky Park takes the airports from your sim's data base and allows you to filter to only airports you want. Orbx has said that there will be future things added to Sky Park as time goes on, like airliners, passengers etc. What I see if Project Fly is more of flight tracking and recording of what you did with out simulating of any kind of cargo or economic system. Also you might look into FSAirlines(.net) as another economic simulation system as well. So it kind of is similar but very different over all.
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