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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

* purchase of The Skypark is not required to join or participate in this community portal.

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This update includes an overhaul of the Filters modal as well as some enhancements to the presentation of Modals and the balance of its UI elements.


  • Shortened the Prefer customer scenery label to fit on a single line;
  • The Clear Filters button has been moved to the header, leaving more space for the filters themselves;
  • Distance and Runway Length filters have been converted to text fields to make it easier to input precise numbers;


Any issues with this release can be reported in the support forum


Before After
2019-06-23_13-17-39.png 2019-06-23_13-17-40.png



Keven Ménard -- Creative Director //42

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