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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

* purchase of The Skypark is not required to join or participate in this community portal.


Let me see if I have this correct.

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I the player of this game, assume the role of a pilot 

who works for a company. 

So, I don't "buy" any aircraft because the "company" provides them for me, yes?

We aren't starting our own "aviation companies" correct?

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Yes, you got that right. Our goal is to allow you to fly the aircraft you already paid for in real life. We think this lowers the bar for entry and gets more people flying what they really want to fly. It's essentially like flying for a company that owns every type.

That being said, we are currently exploring more "Administrative" features (to be added in the future) for the people who love this kind of stuff.


Edit: @OMGEDSON says it better than I do here:


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Keven Ménard -- Creative Director //42

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