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One World, Unlimited Adventure
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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

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    Hello All, Been watching this for some time now. Thank you for taking on such a huge task for us all. I currently live in a town called Harrietville,Victoria, Australia and would like to say hi to you all. Keen as mustard to get started and watching with eager eyes. Regards Sam Craig
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    Wow really? I would imagine that to make sure this program is working perfectly, they are needing to do the test with the programmer right there to see what it's doing. Besides, if you ever seen the other software, you will notice that when it's released it's in need of very little fixing. Unlike other developers that never fix there stuff or do it with updates ever so often. They will have a product ready for market very soon and we will be able to jump in and use it. Thank you gentlemen for that video. That really went way above and beyond what most other developers do. They do teaser trailers that don't always show us what the actual program will be like. This was helpful in that we got to see the people behind the name. I do have my bank card ready for when it shows up...
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