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This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

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  1. Hello everyone, especially those at P42, Ever since I heard about this project, I've been watching it closely. I have been a totally blind simmer and streamer now going on four years, and I've always wanted something like this. The thing that interests me the most are virtual characters. Just how many virtual characters, and will they all be fully voiced? I also have to bring up accessibility. Just from a user interface perspective, ProjectFly, for example, is great. It's an app but it has a webpage inside of it where you manage everything. I envisioned the Skypark Anywhere experience to be the same thing with the SkyPad OS. Learning that this will not be available in the standalone Skypark was a blow, since the interfaces required to access high end aircraft are currently inaccessible, and the FMS design is what you're going for with the SkyPad aircraft panel. Lastly, since we really can't see the scenery in our sim and prefer spending our money on utility based addons like this one to enhance our sim, plus maybe some aircraft soundpacks and the like, will the Skypark work with mostly the default P3D scenery and maybe some freeware scenery? Assignment wise, what will the differences be between The Skypark and the Skypark online? Will assignments change in the Skypark? I'd probably get Skypark Online because chances are Skypark offline will just have the panel and thus an inaccessible interface. Thanks.
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