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  1. The original poster in this thread raised the most critical question. If earned "money" is the motivator, then one should feel like it can be used for something useful. I've been in FSEconomy for about 3 years now. I love the concept. It has motivated me to fly in sim much more than I would otherwise and made me explore places I would not have visited. But it has a fundamental limitation--sure at first you make money to buy a plane, which you then use to make money faster, which you can then use to buy a bigger plane, etc. But then what? Looking through various posts and the developer's replies to the people's questions here, it feels to me like the developers are not quite getting the point here. They talk about "not depriving the user from freedom". But to have no restrictions is pointless. There is no game if there are no rules. Otherwise, if we play soccer, for example, I can just grab the ball in my hands, punch the opposing players, and score as many goals as I want... But this is then pointless. There is no fun in it, no achievement. So, if you say: pilots can move anywhere, fly any plane they wish, have no restrictions on cargo/pax relative to the plane, then what's the point? I can just do the same flying in the sim... No restrictions, and no extra real dollar costs for me. Actually, this is one thing which I feel the FSEconomy is missing--the persistence of pilot location, not just plane's location. And yes, you can also buy a "voluntary" plane ticket to move between airports, but this makes no sense to me. Why should I handicap myself against others? If everyone is forced to pay for their transportation, then it will feel like those with more "money" can have more freedom to move. Think about the possibilities here: players can fly other players. We can pay extra for a faster jet travel which gets us there sooner. Players can offer "discount" travel and have competition. This "restriction" is what enriches the game. It forces players to look for creative solutions... Well, I hope you guys will deliver a good product, whenever it comes out, and will take note of the feedback people are posting here...
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