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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

* purchase of The Skypark is not required to join or participate in this community portal.


Dispatcher & Tech Support
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  1. Get the scenery: https://orbxdirect.com/product/leas
  2. Please introduce yourself below and make a few new friends. Welcome to the company intranet, here you'll find all the latest news and development updates as well as events! Make yourself at home, complete your profile so I know who you are and of course if you need help please click on : ⚠️ PILOT SUPPORT ⚠️
  3. All data is displayed on a layer OVER the simulator. Utilities that capture screenshots at the game driver level may not include The Skypark data overlays. The same goes for in-sim screenshot features such as hitting the default key of [V] in Prepar3D. I encourage pilots to try "ShareX" it's free and allows you to take screenshots of your adventures by capturing the entire display or a designated area, this includes our overlays. You can download ShareX here: https://getsharex.com/ -Ivana
  4. Uninstalls are managed via The Skypark Transponder in the System Tray which is found on the right side of the Windows Taskbar. Please make sure that your flight simulator is shut down before uninstalling The Skypark. 1: Doubleclick The Skypark Transponder in the System Tray and bring it to the foreground: 2: Click on the [Manage Install] button: 4: Click the [Uninstall] button: We're sad to see you go, and hope to see you again soon! -Ivana
  5. Jobs are requested via the JOBS app: Scroll thru available jobs and you'll see a [Request Job] button over the job card you're most interested in: Click the [Request job] button to make the request, if the job is available and now yours you'lll see the button update to [Load Job]:
  6. You cannot access your Skypad in 3D within your simulators virtual cockpit space. However to have a very similar experience along with all the features of the platform existing outside of the simulator, you should launch the Skypad executable in windows, set the Always on Top button to red, Kind regards, Ivana Fly Dispatcher & Tech Support
  7. "Skypad Anywhere" lets you access your Skypad in any browser window. I have enough trouble navigating the real world to try virtual worlds too so I don't know much about what you're using in VR. BUT! If it can display a browser window, then you should be able to access your Skypad at the link below. https://skypad.theskypark.com Kind regards, Ivana Fly Dispatcher & Tech Support
  8. We don't restrict what you fly, you bring the aircraft, we bring the jobs! At the top of the Jobs App you can filter jobs by distance to find appropriate ones for helicopter range. If you really mean "Are there jobs that would require hovering to complete?" Well if that's what the job requires, then that's going to be your best aircraft choice. 😉 We do plan on allowing you to filter jobs that have documented helipads on both ends soon. -Ivana
  9. There is no need to log into The Skypark as a network, however there is a login for The Skypad. Your credentials can be found in an email from noreply@theskypark.com. Upon initial installation of The Skypark, you should be asked to log in and a preference will be set to keep you logged in. If for some reason you are logged out, it will attempt to log you back in automatically. If unable you'll be presented with a login screen. Easy eh!? -Ivana
  10. The Skypark is distributed exclusively via Orbx Direct. The Skypad & accompanying Transponder can be installed on any windows machine that meets the minimum requirements. Some may prefer to utilize the Skypad application vs. using a web browser on an external machine. This works great with touch screen monitors as well. If you'd like a direct download to install The Skypark on additional machines, please click below.
  11. Oh where to begin... TRUE PERSISTENCE The Skypark offers you an incredibly immersive simulation of transporting many types of objects. If you see an object on the ground, so does everyone else. If you drop something off somewhere random in the world, someone else can find it right where you left it. Apply that logic to multi-segment and multi-aircraft flights and you have a non-interrupted adventure whether you step out to dinner, fall asleep at the yoke while refueling, or simply want a friend to help you move cargo on a long haul. LIVE OBJECTS There is nothing to install, all sim-objects are streamed into your simulator live from HQ. You'll never miss out on custom events, or missions because you failed to update some enormous library of files. PLAYER PROPERTIES The persistence carries on into objects purchased from the company with your in game currency "SkyBux" or "Bux" for short. If you've earned enough to buy a tent, or a property, or an entire airstrip, we plop it down where you've requested (after review of course!) and everyone else will see it too. OVERLAYS Can you say eye candy!? We're able to provide you instant data when you want it, and where you want it, without you having to leave the sim world to visit a website. Landing rates, weather info, currency updates, and more, right in your sim, and not in the green bar at the top either... TOTAL DISPATCH When we set out to build The Skypark, we knew we didn't want to build you a Dispatch Simulator, we wanted to Simulate Dispatch. You have one job, FLY! Jobs are created and fed to your Skypad, you can filter thru them and even request jobs to and from specific airports to find the right one. Find it, Request it, Fly it. CUSTOM AIRPORT FILTERING Experience your simulator in a way that has never been possible before, flying to and from ONLY CUSTOM AIRPORTS! We scan your library and tailor job results to ensure you see nothing but the very best scenery everywhere you fly. All those airports you've purchased and forgot about? Yep, prepare to rediscover the entire library, and If all you have custom is Orbx FTX Global, we've got you covered there too. Over XXXX freeware Orbx airports await your arrival! MULTI-LEG JOBS We've got multiple jobs leaving a single airport, multiple jobs arriving, and yes even multi-leg jobs that pass thru an airport. Will you collect your cargo or pax with linear flights and a final destination? Or will you spread out in a star pattern doing hops to and from each strip? Your choice as long as you deliver on-time! MULTI-AIRCRAFT JOBS This is one of those things we don't often talk about because it's not our job to tell a pilot how to get a job done. However you'll notice some jobs that have mixed distance requirements, You think you can't fly 4000nm in your C152? You're right! So why don't you use a 777 for the middle leg? 😉 SMART LOGGING Never again will you forget to start logging a flight in an antiquated ACARS application. We log your departure airport, arrival airport, and any stops in between...automagically!
  12. One could say that's like asking a fish "Which way is the water?" Need to submit a support ticket? You can do so by clicking ⚠️ PILOT SUPPORT ⚠️ at the top-left of this page. -Ivana
  13. The Skypad has a flight tracking application installed called yoFlight. In yoFlight you can plan yoFlight, track yoFlight, and you can even cancel yoFlight! Look for this icon: yoFlight -Ivana
  14. IvanaFly

    How do I find a job?

    Jobs are found via the Jobs App: Scroll thru available jobs and you'll see a [Request Job] button over the job card you're most interested in: Click the [Request job] button to make the request, if the job is available and now yours you'lll see the button update to [Load Job]:
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