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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

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  1. I the player of this game, assume the role of a pilot who works for a company. So, I don't "buy" any aircraft because the "company" provides them for me, yes? We aren't starting our own "aviation companies" correct?
  2. This is the problem with making "money" in flightsim games like this. It's well, pointless. It might as well be a "score" or "rating" or whatever you want to call it because that's essentially what it is. In the real world why would you take a job as a pilot? The bottom line to make money/living. This is very difficult and if not boring to do this in game.
  3. I hope you include a monthly living expense. It would be fun to set aside money each month for what I use in the real world and see if I can make a "living" in game.
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