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Hello Guest, welcome to the Pilot Portal!

This is the official portal for company news, developer updates, user feedback, discussions and support for users of The Skypark. *

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  1. latest bit of info: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/174037-the-skypark/page/4/
  2. From our latest post on Medium: https://medium.com/@parallel42/parallel-42-and-prepar3d-v5-support-2422340bb59f
  3. Because only the most interested will see this...
  4. Very sorry for the lack of information being shared here. There is a lot of progress happening in the background with regards to The Skypark. Parallel 42 will be publishing a very important Press Release in the coming week (or 2) and news on the Skypark will follow shortly after. Thanks everyone for your patience. Although we are head deep into production, we still read everything that's going on in the Portal and seeing the interest towards the project means a lot to us! Best Regards, Keven - Creative Director //42
  5. We'll make everything we can to support the new sim. Right now we don't know much so we can't commit!
  6. There are visual examples in the Blog section but that’s all we’re ready to share right now. We will rely heavily on user submissions to create content for the platform. I hope this answers your question!
  7. Yes, you got that right. Our goal is to allow you to fly the aircraft you already paid for in real life. We think this lowers the bar for entry and gets more people flying what they really want to fly. It's essentially like flying for a company that owns every type. That being said, we are currently exploring more "Administrative" features (to be added in the future) for the people who love this kind of stuff. Edit: @OMGEDSON says it better than I do here:
  8. We have loads of ideas that we can’t reveal at this time. But we want to let people in here dream about the possibilities beyond just buying an aircraft in a database...
  9. X-Plane is in the cards for the future. Currently we are focusing on building a base for our platform that could scale to anything that has an API. We have chosen P3D as a start for that because of the fast development process SimConnect provides but we will scale beyond that when the platform is stable and ready.
  10. Do you want a house on a hillside that everyone can see? We have a bunch of ideas like this but we want to know what you would like to do with that currency in-sim. Imagination is the only limit!
  11. FIRST 👆 Hi everyone! We have been hard at work for the past year bringing lots of ideas together in what we call The Skypark. You can learn more about its features on the Orbx Store page here: https://orbxdirect.com/theskypark The main idea is one of a dynamic and persistent world that every member of The Skypark shares. The definition of persistence is vague. Everyone has it's own definition and it's hard to wrap our heads around what a persistent world is. Here's me trying my best to explain our vision of persistence along with the pillars that makes The Skypark. Persistence In the simulators we have today, everyone lives in its own bubble. You might be flying multiplayer with friends but the only thing you will ever see is the other users' aircraft, maybe some smoke trails and that's about it. What The Skypark proposes is a world where you can connect to the traditional multiplayer services you love while also adding a dynamic layer of adventures on top of it. This new dimension allows you to see the world change around you. Forest fires, events in the middle of the desert, airshows etc. All in sync with everyone on The Skypark. If you can see something cool outside your aircraft window, chances are we can make it happen in sim too. Purpose / Discovery / Economy Another element is the sense of purpose. After a few months of flying in the sim, we start to wonder: Where do I fly next? Most of us buy 3rd party airports and sceneries to make sure we are flying in our out of beautiful places. What happens after a while is we often forget about those in favour of new releases and never fly to them again. The Skypark includes an Adventures app that lets you find jobs and events around the world that matches your custom scenery collection. You will always find something that works for you on The Skypark and gets you to rediscover forgotten airports in your sim. “Why fly if there is nothing at the end of it?” The economy is a big part of The Skypark. You collect Bux (Ⓑ) at the end of their adventures. You can collect that currency for future expenditures on the platform. We want to develop the economy features with the community. We have long term goals with the economy system but those won't be available right off the gate. We want to integrate your ideas and dreams. Feel free to share them on the forum here: https://portal.theskypark.com/forum/8-feature-wishlist-suggestions/ That's it for now! Be sure to follow this blog to get notifications when a new article is published. Join us on the next blog article where I discuss some of the recent features we have been working on! Best Regards, Keven Ménard Creative Director //42
  12. Vehicles and persistent objects The reason behind this blog is to share crazy ideas we/the community come up with and to give you a glimpse behind the doors of our studio. What you are going to see in this blog section are things that aren't ready for release and most likely very very broken as you'll see shortly. Vehicles A synonym of dynamism is movement. Scenery developers spend an incredible amount of time and resources developing algorithms to move vehicles around airports. This adds a lot to the experience and immersion in the sim. We are bringing this to the next level. When you get ready to fly an adventure on the Skypark, a vehicle will bring an actual payload item to you. You can then load it on your aircraft through the Manifest app. This will make your adventures more dynamic then ever and makes The Skypark stand out from the job/mission generators currently available in the community. Finding the nodes We started by looking at the airport layout and breaking it into nodes and connections. To validate our code, we decided to create objects directly in the sim that represent each taxiway nodes at the airport. These will be used to guide the vehicles to the desired location. Finding the shortest path We looked into multiple algorithms to find the shortest path between a given parking location at the airport and the aircraft's current location. This is an awesome test that will enable us to create and test scenarios that covers any possibilities we might come up with in the future. Breaking things From that point on, we started looking into how we can a vehicle drive along that route. After a few days playing with different methods, we found the right one for the task. Obviously, we have seen lots of weird things happen... This gif is a great example of that. A smooth ride Finally, after many many hours playing with the algorithm, we finally managed to get a smooth ride our of our default car! We are still testing edge cases to make sure the care doesn't reach mach 2 on the way to your aircraft! Persistent Objects One of the most important things we provide on The Skypark is a dynamic world full of objects. In order for this to work, we have to create tools, do some tests and stress the system for find the limits. The tool There is no way we're going to place thousands of object into the world manually so we had to build a tool. This tool has become what we are going to use internally to create adventures on The Skypark. It enables us to create objects in bulk using nodes and segments to make our scenes easy to create and maintain. Lot of planning went into this tool to make it as flexible and capable as possible to be able to create the most insane missions and events imaginable. Making it to the sim From that tool, we inject the generated objects into the sim. Here we can see lines of cones, trucks and hundreds of boxes stacked on top of eachother. The direct connection between our tools and the sim enables us to move objects on the fly and create the scene in a visual context. The world is never perfect The world we live in is never perfect. You can try to position object inline with one another, it won't ever be perfect. That's why, when we make a line of objects, we can input some randomization in their position/rotation. That way, you don't end up with fences, boxes, trees and cars that look like they were aligned by a machine. Because we can In Prepar3D, each object we drop has its own physics. This got us wondering how far we could push this thing... With 200kt winds, pretty far it turns out! That's it for now! Be sure to FOLLOW this blog to get notifications when a new article is published and read our previous article about Persistence & Purpose here: Best Regards, Keven Ménard Creative Director //42
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