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  1. I wish to know this too, but with the way things are going with this virus, it sure doesn't seem like anything is progressing fast enough. If this could have been released already, these guys probably would have sales way higher then about any other time. Now I heard Prepar3d v5 is possibly coming out on Tuesday the 14th of April, I'm sure that there are many P3D people going to be taking a look and maybe buying it. With Vatsim, and IVAO setting new records everyday with people online, I bet there will be a lot of more as this virus thing keeps going. So, Devs, maybe if there is a way to do it sooner, can we get this thing out???
  2. Hi guys, ok I've have used FSEconomy and FSAirlines, both systems are about earning money and having things to spend on. In Both you have to fly, earn money and buy your aircraft, really not a great idea as you spend more time trying to earn the money to deal with that. It gets old. On top of that, you have to deal with aircraft fees (FSE), FSAirlines added wear and tear on parked aircraft, and the list goes on and on. So with a system that really wipes that out and gives us just the profits of doing a job, instead of dealing with all the everyday things that just make it harder (think of AirHauler 2). You never really seem to get anywhere. In FSEconomy, once you have an airplane, and your Homebase (FBO), after that what else do you do? FSAirlines at least gave you the option of buying a house, a car and a few thinngs to put into it. So, what can we buy with our profits? And I think there are a great deal of possibilities, maybe you can start with renting an apartment, later on buying a house, a nice car, etc. I can see a lot of possibilities, and if you please gives the Devs some ideas as to what kinds of things beyond what I was just sharing, they will be happy to respond in kind. I could even see like having a special event, you use some of your bucks you earned doing jobs, and you can participate. But the ideas are not limited to just that, think of things and share, no idea is dumb unless you don't share. I am glad that we don't have to worry about earning the money to buy the plane again, I have several Payware airplanes I'm really dying to fly on such a system.
  3. all we ask is that you please let us know what's going on, we are totally in the dark and all. By way of the video, do you have an actual office? Can you work at home? Ok, last word for me is Please stay safe during the current emergency. See ya guys.
  4. Each and every day I fly my Cessna 404 Titan, dreaming of the day I can ditch FSEconomy for SkyPark… it is a dream that I hope will come true one day. Today I heard there are strange errors with FSEcomony, things that have been around for years. Please give me some hope about SkyPark coming out soon, I am getting tired of learning more and more about problems with FSEconomy. Anyway, thank you for all the hopes and dreams...
  5. You have wet my appetite and then some. Not only am I ready for this, I'm making plans!
  6. Wow really? I would imagine that to make sure this program is working perfectly, they are needing to do the test with the programmer right there to see what it's doing. Besides, if you ever seen the other software, you will notice that when it's released it's in need of very little fixing. Unlike other developers that never fix there stuff or do it with updates ever so often. They will have a product ready for market very soon and we will be able to jump in and use it. Thank you gentlemen for that video. That really went way above and beyond what most other developers do. They do teaser trailers that don't always show us what the actual program will be like. This was helpful in that we got to see the people behind the name. I do have my bank card ready for when it shows up...
  7. Hello gentlemen, Thank you for this information and interview. This sounds so much more exiting then other news we have gotten. This product is on my priority list when it is released. And when newer products and sims are released I will look forward to seeing even more developments here. Keep up the work and I will keep my attention on your products.
  8. Looking good. As always we are happy with updates. Thank you and have a nice day.
  9. Thank you sir for responding, I know I speak for several in that just a bit of news is better then none. So, thank you for that and have a nice day.
  10. Wow, this delay is really dragging on. I know this isn't anything like what REX did for to us... that went on for years and they never released it. Infact, during an interview on SkyBlueRadio, I had ask if it was dead and the person said not really. Well, RIP to REX. With the new sim we wont need scenery or enhancements like what REX puts out. Now onto Skypark, I would love to give this the big test and review for my friends. Everyone is waiting to find out if this program will replace failing websites like fseconomy and bring us into the modern world of Flight Simming… I do plan to buy the new sim when MS puts it out (subscribe that is). I would love to add this to that list as well... I'm sure you guys are busy but us fans and future fans (a.k.a. customers) need to have some idea please.
  11. I have been on the Orbx Forums, and the team behind SkyPark have been busy, moving into new offices, getting servers and other stuff setup. Sense they haven't been able to inform us here I looked into it and brought the news here. Hopefully they will get things going for us soon and kick it off so we have a new program to play with and make our lives more fun.
  12. I just looked at Project Fly and sounds interesting. What I think this is (SkyPark) compared to Project Fly is, Sky Park is more like FSEconomy, if you haven't checked that out the web site is fseconomy.net. But in a nut shell, FSEconomy is flying mostly General Aviation aircraft, and taking random cargo from airport to airport. Where Sky Park puts that to shame is that the database for FSEcomony was created from FS9, with all it's mistakes and everything. So, you could find yourself trying to take some random cargo to a dirt field that may not even really be around in FSX or other simulators. Sky Park takes the airports from your sim's data base and allows you to filter to only airports you want. Orbx has said that there will be future things added to Sky Park as time goes on, like airliners, passengers etc. What I see if Project Fly is more of flight tracking and recording of what you did with out simulating of any kind of cargo or economic system. Also you might look into FSAirlines(.net) as another economic simulation system as well. So it kind of is similar but very different over all.
  13. I don't even know where to start. I have seen the video, read the information, and comments, at this point I would just love to use it. I have used different systems for flight tracking, and the such and am dying to see this. I am not asking for a release date, just don't have much questions for comments. I'm thinking I will be able to use such a program to fly my Cessna 404 Titan around North America (where I have the most Orbx scenery) and possibly head down to New Zealand and Australia (also both covered my Orbx). It will allow me to fly to only airports that are of good quality and not to airports that don't exist. So, as far as I understand it sounds like a better system then those so called flight tracking systems like smart cars, and a way better system then FSeconomy, not to put any of those down. So, as I wait for the release I just have to hope it lives up to the basic system that you have described.
  14. Was just wondering. Thanks for getting back to me on that. I will still be interested in using your software and seeing where it leads me.
  15. Hi, I wanted to be the first to comment on this news. Nothing in the gaming world ever surprises me when it is delayed. Just look at REX, the announced Sim Air like 5 or 6 years ago, and according to a news brief have the base program done, but the front end isn't. With no news of when or if they will ever finish it. With other companies rushing stuff out and having problems that will last for years, I would rather a company keep it's user base updated, but please don't make this last for years. I do have only one question and maybe it's too early to know for sure, but will there be support for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator coming out next year? Hope you guys are having a great day.
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